Chris Parkerson: We have large electric motor repair capability, where we get them turned around in a lot shorter lead time and a lot better price than people can buy or have bought new and get shipped in.

Joe Ashe: We can go in and pull the motor do a complete repair or replacement on whatever failure happened to that motor whether it be rewinding new bearings, restacking the stable slots

Chris Parkerson: The restoration or recondition of these motors that came up some of the most horrible applications, dirty, grimy, nasty – but before they leave they are completely reconditioned and restored into a position ready for service

Joe Ashe: Just walking through our winding shop it’s it’s like watching a magician when they’re rewinding a random wound motor, all the attention to detail that it takes in getting those windings right. The size of the wire, the number of wrappings, getting them in the slot just right, it’s really amazing to watch them do that.

Chris Parkerson: And the transformation is just amazing to see it go through that process.

Joe Ashe: One one aspect of our motor shop is we have a VPI tank, a vacuum pressure impregnation that is a way to fully encompass the electric windings in epoxy resin that hardens and cures and prevents any moisture and contamination from getting in the windings. It also helps insulate the windings.

Chris Parkerson: Some of the specialized things that we can do in our motor shop are sleeve bearings. We work on very large bearings, such as kingsberry thrust bearings, that go in large vertical motors. One of the things that we’ve developed here over the last few years is a digital documentation process that helps hold accountability and traceability on everything we do so now things that you tasks that used to take us hours to perform making reports for customers from our motor shop can now be done in a matter of seconds because the form is filled out as we go. This actually helps us make sure that we take your standards and put them into our system and that no one can skip your standards when doing what is unique to you for your plan.