In-House Repair Services

Our Apparatus Motor Repair division services a wide range of motor sizes for a multitude of industries in the Southeast United States. We can pull the motor and provide a complete repair or replacement with a shorter lead time, and lower cost, than purchasing a new motor and having it shipped to you. We also go the extra mile with diagnostic services, getting to the root cause of why the motor failed, and preventing it from happening again.

Often going above what is required by EASA standards, Hobgood is committed to providing its customers with high quality, reliable service that directly impacts their primary production concern – uptime.

  • Digital Quality Management and Reporting

  • AC/DC Motor Repairs from Fractional HP and MV Applications up to 7kV

  • Generator Repairs

  • Synchronous

  • Wound Rotor

  • UL Certified for Explosion Proof Applications

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

  • Mechanical Repairs of Blowers, Cranes, Shakers, Gearboxes, Pumps & More

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Motor Circuit Analysis

  • Dynamometer Load Testing

  • Large Machine Shop Capabilities

Safety Standards

We have implemented robust safety protocols and rigorous training programs to create a secure environment in all aspects of our operations. Our ratings demonstrate the effectiveness of our safety measures, with a reduction in incidents, accidents, and injuries.

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