Chris Parkerson: Here at Hobgood we have a lot of diverse skilled craftsman type positions from mechanics, to machinist, to motor winders, to office staff, to electricians, to warehouse clerks. We’ve got some that are in their early 20s and we’ve got guys that have been doing this business for 30 to 40 years.

Alyssa Stanton: I love Hobgood. I love the people, it’s nice to have such a close team, because you know when working for a large corporation you can become just a number. I think what you’ll find at Hobgood is not just a job but camaraderie, teamwork.

Joe Ashe: So even though we have three seemingly separate departments we lean on each other all the time. We’re glad to work together, to help each other out and to just gain more knowledge.

Evan Boatwright: When I walked in I realized just how nice and friendly everybody was. Everybody wants to teach each other and help each other out.

Chris Parkerson: One of things we pride ourselves on is we’d like to hire people based on their attitude. You can learn skills here and if you have the great attitude you can go very far um, there are just many, many opportunities that are here.

Alyssa Stanton: If you’re wanting to build something and you’re wanting to be a part of something that’s growing and you want to help it grow, this is where you want to be.