Chris Parkerson: We also have a Technical Field Service group which does a lot of the troubleshooting for technical troubleshooting. We’re an extension of a lot of our customers maintenance team if you will because some of the smaller customers may not have their own electrical department and we fill in for that.

Joe Ashe: I run our Technical Field Services department, which is centered around a reliability centered maintenance. Ideally we can install the equipment, remove the equipment, and maintain the equipment exceeding manufacturer specs.

Chris Parkerson: Technical Field Services focuses primarily on predictive maintenance, some preventative maintenance through technologies such as motion amplification vibration analytics, motor circuit analysis, things of that nature.

Joe Ashe: It feels really good to be able to go out and use the equipment available to troubleshoot what the issue was, how we can fix it, and how we can prevent that issue from happening again. A lot of our customers call us because of the extreme hazards that are present with working on live electrical systems and troubleshooting those systems so we’re all NFPA 70E certified in art flash and we’re give the proper PPE and the proper training to go out and confidently handle any any issues with electrical systems, whether it be energized or deenergized. There’s no better feeling than getting a pat on the back from a maintenance manager and being the guy that they call to to solve their problems and there’s no better sound than getting a plant running again.